Wednesday, January 03, 2007


RUN : 30 min. /TREADMILL

The MOM taxi was busy after work today. The kids finally went back to school after the holiday break. With that though begins all the afterschool activities. I was hoping to get a chance to run outside. The sun was out and it was 52. Days like today are few and far between in January. By the time I walked in the door and made dinner for everyone (not me) , it was 630 and dark. I had the option to head for the gym or the treadmill in the basement. After last nights chaos at the gym a quiet run in the basement seemed in order.

My healthfit calorie counter came in the mail. I had been using the old model. But being the geek that I am -the new updated version was a must have. After my shower, I got it out and couldn't wait to get it going. But alas, it didn't work. Talk about bursting your bubble! I'll send it back tomorrow and hopefully get a new one quick! I've been doing good watching my calories. I do need to work on drinking more water and less diet Mountain Dew. I average about 6 cans per day.

Today, I officially added another event to my calendar. I signed up for the duathlon. (2-mile Run 16.8-mile Bike 4.3-mile Run ). I did it last year and enjoyed it enormously. This year it will be 2 weeks after my marathon. It is a point to point race with unbelievably challenging hills on both the run and the bike. There are a few friends also signed up as it is part of their training for Ironman Kentucky.

Waddling to pick up Hooch...........


21st Century Mom said...

Did you say 6 cans of Mt. Dew!!! Ouch! Cut that out right now! Knock it back to one and you'll save yourself 850 calories a day. That's a lot. 4 days of that is worth a pound of fat. Just think - you don't even have to diet and you can lose a pound a week!

Vickie said...

I'm with you on the diet soda. I probably drink that much a day, if not more! My only real resolution is to drink more water. Its not that I don't drink a lot, I just drink a lot of soda too. Its like, okay, I am not eating cookies, cakes, pies, etc., so my vice is the diet soda. It curbs the appetite, even without the sugar.

D said...

Isn't it nice to have the option of going to the gym or working out alone in your own house!

sharon said...

Oh my gosh! I thought my 3-4 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper was bad.
The diet soda is one of my biggest vices. I just can't seem to live without it. But hey! If we are going to have a vice.... is diet soda really THAT bad? It could be worse right?
I have made an effort to cut back though because I know the carbonation and aspartame are not very good for me (it's still better than sugar)
Something that has helped me to cut back - I now only have 1 or 2 cans a day. I've been substituting the Arizona diet green tea. I've tried the Lipton tea and don't like it near as well.
Start slow and when you have something like a salad I figure the tea really tasts better with salad than pop anyway. When I have pizza or mexican though, it just wouldn't be quite the same without my dr. pepper!

marathena said...

I wish I had a treadmill in my home. I would be on it all the time!! Sounds like the Du will do you some good after the marathon. Good luck!!

marathena said...

Did you guys know that sugar alternatives must be broken down in to formeldihide before being digested??? You are embalming yourself each time to take a sip!! Ewe, gross!! (I am not sure I am spelling all of that right!!)

WADDLER26.2 said...

I just poured my diet Mountain Dew down the drain!!!

Joe said...

Well, your drains are now well cleaned out! I alwasys associate diet Mt Dew with Geeks anyway...every computer programmer I know is hooked on MD or DMD. So, are you going cold turkey?? Wow!!

I'll bet Galena has some hills on that course...pretty country there and hilly on the Mississippi. Neat to have that target!!