Thursday, January 04, 2007



The weather this am called for fair and 53. I was hoping to get a run in outside. At noon, the rain began and it poured all afternoon. As it ended up the weather did not make a difference because by 730PM ,I ran out of time and energy. Bino needed picked up from bowling at 4pm, Hooch needed picked up from cheer at 430, and hubby needed a ride to Midway to fly back to spend the weekend with his mom. It poured the entire time. After driving in traffic for over 3 hours,just to end up at home, my legs were so stiff that I could hardly walk. I stretched a little, the tiredness from the day caught up.

I might try to do something tomorrow.

Waddling to watch CSI......

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Vickie said...

Some days just don't work out. Tomorrow's another day.