Friday, January 12, 2007


I signed up for another event today. I am doing the duathlon which is a 2 mile run, 17 mile bike, then 4mile run. I did it last year and really enjoyed the course. I do need to defend my title. I finished 1 of 1 in my age group(45-49). And I was the oldest female finisher in the Du. (I don't know if that's an honor or not) But it was fun!

I am taking today as a rest day and plan to do the long run tomorrow. Legs are getting alittle tired. Looking toward next week,I might try a Yoga class again on Monday night. And that is might. we'll see. Also Monday is a big day for my department at work and I'll write about that later.

Waddling back to work....


21st Century Mom said...

1 of 1 is definitly an honor. It gets you the 'always better, never older' award, for sure! It also gets you the 'go ahead and get old and fat, suckas! I'm doing a duathlon' award.

D said...

I like those odds: 1 of 1 in your age group. Time to defend! When I used to compete in T@o Kwon Do, I placed first in my very first sparring match and received a trophy. The hilarious thing about it is there were only two of us competing in our age group that day so we were guaranteed either first or second place!

IronSnoopy said...

Yay! I remember that race! You rocked it!

You should give yoga a try again!!! J is outstanding as a yoga instructor (besides spin!).

In fact, I've tried -- and hated -- 4 other instructors. She's the only one I will go to right now. If you do go, make sure you show up 10-15 mins. early to get a mat.

Have a great long run tomorrow!

Joe said...

Have a great run on Saturday...2:30 is a long haul, hope it goes well!!