Friday, January 26, 2007


THU: RUN- 30 min.
FRI: RUN- 30 min.

I am not winning any party animal award here in Vegas. Yesterday and today, I got up at 5am trying to stay close to CST. I put my running clothes on and waited for the sun to come up to go run. Out the hotel I went at 625am.SiInce I am staying away from the strip, I have a great view of the desert and mountains. The sunrise both days was breathtaking.

Last night after class, I was exhausted. So much information to take back. I got back to the hotel went up to my room and ordered room service. I did some blog reading while I ate. The jammies were on and I was in bed by 745. Watch out Vegas!

I fly home tonight and land at midnight. My long run this weekend is 1:30. With the weather approaching zero I will definitely be on the treadmill.

Waddling back to the midwest......


21st Century Mom said...

I'm sure your bank account thanks you for your dedication to running. Casinos are so overrated.

Vickie said...

Too bad you have to just work, work, work, but at least you're getting your workouts in! And what a nice change of scenery and weather! Lucky you.

RunForTheNecklace said...

Very inspirational to keep it up in Vegas! I would have joined you. Sounds much more beautiful than say a casino. :)

Joe said...

Hope the training on the new imaging system went have such a great service to your patients.

The three times I've done LV, I've done the same thing...up early, do the work, get room service, conk out. It works.

Hope the trip home went well.

Oh Super Bowl bets from me, I'm rooting for the Bears too!!! Have been a Bears fan much longer than a Colts fan, so history wins. Go George Halas! Go Gayle Sayers, Mike Singletary, Mike Ditka!!