Wednesday, January 24, 2007



"70 AND SUNNY" , those were the captains words as the plane landed in Vegas. It felt so good to walk out into the sun and yank my jacket off especially after this morning. I went out early for a short run. The temp was 24. It actually felt good. I knew it would give me an extra appreciation of my run tomorrow in the warmer weather.

After getting my rental car, I navigated to my hotel.What a beautiful place it is. I chose one that was aways from the strip and easy to get to my training center. It was a great deal also and has all night bingo!!! I love bingo. It also has 48 bowling lanes, 16 screen movie theatre, and an equestrian center. I do have some intense training to do while I'm out here so it's not all fun. We are launching a new machine in our Cancer Center and I am training on the new imaging system. It makes me nervous because I'm the only one here in training. But-it's ok.

Waddling to check out th casino....


sharon said...

Take lots of notes.
I get stressed when I have to go for training on a new analyzer. I'm afraid I'll forget everything when I get back and have to show everyone else how to use it.
Unfortunately even with my notes I usually DO forget half. It's just too much information to absorb in a week.
Your lucky, the new hepatitis/HIV analyzer we're looking at would put me for training in New Jersey. ICK

Dori said...

Isn't it amazing what how a little sunshine can lift our spirits? I love the picture of the welcome sign! Hope you're having fun in Sin City and get some good runs in.

21st Century Mom said...

Ahhh... sun!

Be careful in the casinos. If the roulette wheels don't get you the shopping will!

Have fun.

IronSnoopy said...

You will do great! No worries about that! You sound like you have a great job. :)

And Welcome to Las Vegas. What fun! I love the desert out there. I went to High School 1.5 hours South of Vegas in No. Az.

Anonymous said...

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