Tuesday, January 16, 2007


SPIN : 1:00 // AVE HR= 150

Mare was back at spin tonight so I knew it sould be one hell of a workout. She did not let me down. It was an endurance spin. The goal was to keep your heart rate steady in the upper part of zone 3 (which for me was 145-155). If you saw a drop in your rate- pick it up. If you went close to your AT slow down or drop the resistance.
Calories burned is supposedly higher in this kind of workout. I don't know but whee doggies it was tough. The time went fast because you were so focused on your rate.

The thought of running the Chicago marathon again this year has popped into my mind. I swore I would never run it again but it's the 30th. After hours of searching, I booked a hotel room downtown- things are really filling up and selling out fast.

Waddling to watch American Idol.............


Robert Key said...

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Vickie said...

You're brave doing 2 marathons in one year! But go for it. I think Chicago is very popular with people in this area too. It was my first, back in 1992, so of course I have (some) fond memories of it. Were it not for the fact that it snowed, sleeted, there were single digit windchills, and we had 30 mph headwinds, I might actually have enjoyed it more!

Vickie said...

I was thinking about the heart rate thing at spinning and remember I used to do this too. I'll have to try this again.