Saturday, January 13, 2007


ELLIPTICAL : 30 min.

Today was one of those days that you think you know what's happening from the beginning then everything backfires. Hooch had a cheer competition so she needed to catch the bus at 545am. My thought do my long run after I drop her off. First change-the bus time to 815. I'm up early but not enough time for the run so I head for the elliptical for 30.

Cleaning the house was the next thing to do but everyone else was still sleeping. I took my showqer and headed for the grocery which was packed with people preparing for the Bears game. I survived got home and tried to start the laundry. Hooch hurt her back at the cheer competition and had to be taken care. I cancelled my dinner plans with a friend .

Next stop-the vets on the way to look at some new model homes for my MIL. Guess what -the humane society is there with dogs for adoption.(I already have adopted2). I saw one that I and my hubby fell in love with. He was a cross between a beagle and a hound. He has been there 2 months because he is 3 years old and everyone wants a puppy. Now I have 3 dogs. One of which I hope to give to my MIL for company.

After all this, I hope to hit the sack early. At this time there are 2 dogs and 1 hubby in the bed.

Waddling toward the couch.......


susie said...

Sometimes days just go like that. Tomorrow is a new day:)
We are being "interviewed" to adopt a golden retriever rescued dog today. Hope we pass!

Ross said...

Consistancy is the key and it looks like you always find a way to get a workout in.

My daughter just got a Bassett/Beagle mix. He is the best dog. I think you got a good one.

sister smile said...

Three dogs! I'm jealous. Enjoy the puppy love.

Vickie said...

What a big heart you have to adopt another dog! I miss having a dog and wish I could have one. Sigh, maybe someday again.