Sunday, January 21, 2007


15 weeks until the PIG

Snow advisory--those 2 words made my mind up on where I would run. To the treadmill.
Yesterday, I spent the day shopping with my MIL and pick up everything for a winter run. I was determined to run outside. My friend ,Mary was doing a 24hr expedtion race in Wisconsin so I thought I could be tough too. WhenI looked out the back window and saw the snow plows go by and shoot the snow up and cover the sidewalk, I went out and started warming my car up.

The first hour, I ran next to the big window and watched it snow. I felt good. The second hour , I ran looking down from the second floor into the lobby. Alot of people coming in wearing Bears stuff. I used my gu and finished my first bottle of water. The third hour was tough. Iron Snoopy stopped by and checked if I needed another Gu and I had lost one. What a savior. I still felt good. I finished!!! Next week is a shorter run. So I think I'm on track.

I got on the scale with no additional weight loss this week but I feel like I'm trimming up so I won't change anything .

Waddling out in the snow.....


Dori said...

Wow, three hours on the treadmill. You're gonna make bacon out of that Flying Pig! Do you change the incline to combat the boredom?

21st Century Mom said...

You amaze me! 3 hours on a treadmill would kill me, I swear. I'd never make it. Your determination and perseverance are so commendable!

Love your new header, too.

IronSnoopy said...

Hey I likey the new blog masthead. Very nice, did you make it? I totally love the colors!

Nice job on the long run. I bow to you. Just think how much easier those 3-5 hour runs are gonna be outside!!!

Have a good week!

Joe said...

Ditto to FeSnoopy...neat new blog masthead, would like to know how you did it!!

Great run...and mentally, you are awesome to do three hours on the t-mill!!

How about the Bears!!! What fun!!! Real "Bear Weather" on Lake Shore Drive this afternoon!!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Dori- I did change the incline and just about everything I could to make it!

Vickie said...

Three hours on the treadmill! Woo hoo. YOu will make the goal. I know how hard it is to do something like that, but really, I'm sure you think the same way, once you make up your mind to do something, it is much easier to get it done. Good job.