Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Y-Me support group that I facilitate for. Usually I am so busy up until it begins at 6pm that I count it as a off day for training. Today I finished work early and did not have to run home or do an errands. I went down with a friend to the Shape Shop which is a gym here at work and did the elliptical for 30 minutes. It felt good but when I got off I felt some muscles that I hadn't felt in awhile. Now to grab a salad for dinner before the meeting.

Waddling to Y-Me..............


IronSnoopy said...

Nice job on squeezing in the unexpected workout! Yay you! Don't you love it when you can sneak in something extra?

Tres cool that you faciliate for the Y-Me folks, too. You just might be the busiest person I know!

Vickie said...

30 min. on the elliptical is a good alternative to another run. Cuts down on the pounding too.