Monday, January 22, 2007


Elliptical : 20 min.

My quads were tight as banjo strings today. I went at lunch to the shape shop on the elliptical for 20 min. (That's the limit you can do) My legs felt alot better. By the end of the afternoon they were tight again. It looked like my evening would be extremely busy so I decided to take the night off.

We went with my MIL tonight to sign the final papers for her new house and picked out cabinets, carpet and other things. It was hard for her to be excited because the reason she is moving up here is the loss of her husband of 51 years. Congratulation did not seem the correct word but "We love you" did. So we are on our way to bring her to Chicagoland after living in Ohio all of her life. The next few monthes will be challenging but went it's all done things will be good.

Waddling with my mother-in-law.....


Vickie said...

Twenty minutes on the elliptical is just as good as a short run. So you can count that toward your mileage.

sharon said...

I hope your better at making decisions on cabinets and stuff for the house. I'm always second guessing myself when I have to make those decisions. I'm sure it made it much easier for your MIL with you being there. Hope everything goes well with the move.

21st Century Mom said...

I can't imagine losing my soul mate of 51 years and I never will (unless I meet someone real soon and we live to be about 110)! Thank goodness your MIL has you and your husband.

Joe Ely said...

Some extra stretching may be helpful for the calves...perhaps as you lean on a new cabinet at the store??!!

You are practicing extreme hospitality in welcoming your MIL to Chicagoland. In the deepest sense. Good for you.

IronSnoopy said...

You are so sweet with your MIL. I'm sure she is so appreciative to have your family. She must be so sad - to her core. It sounds like you know what to say, though. There's nothing like love to help heal wounds.

Nice job on the elliptical! After your run Sunday, you should be tight!