Tuesday, January 23, 2007


SPIN - 1:00 / AVE HR=138

I walked into spin class tonight ready for an hard workout and for Mare to really push me. To my dismay there was Cin my least favorite. Her music always sucks and she makes the workout up as she goes. My spinning buddy gave me the look "you better not walk out" because she knew what I was thinking. We started the class when Cin informed us her MP3 broke and she just grabbed a CD and we would wing it. The music to her is very unimportant. To me -I love to rock out and sing along at times. I totally zoned her out. The music was bad . She gave us no direction. Thank heaven -Mare will be back next week.

I took the day off of work because I head to Vegas tomorrow. My MIL and I did alot of shopping and she'll do the cooking while I'm gone. Both kids are excited. Looking forward to some warmer weather.

Waddling west to Vegas............


Spandex King said...

Hope you have better luck with the weather than I did in Phoenix. My race morning was 27!! Coldest day since 1990. It was still better than the cold midwest. Have fun!!

Go Bears!!!

Vickie said...

Have fun on your vacation. Hope the weather gets warmer!

Irene said...

IMHO, music can make or break a workout... Perhaps Cin is tone deaf??? LOL... Have a wonderful vacation!

IronSnoopy said...

Ohhhh nothing worse than that! Kudos to you for not walking out. I've been there, done that before.

Try not to work too hard in Vegas. :)