Saturday, February 17, 2007



During the night, I could hear that the snow plows were out. I was suprised though to see the amount of snow we had gotten. At least another 3 inches. I feel that while training for this marathon, I am constantly rethinking my long run. When training for Chicago (which is in October), I found that my main concern was how early that I could get out to beat the heat. I did constantly complain about the heat and swore my next marathon would be a spring marathon. I never expected it to be the worst winter in years.

Tomorrow on paper was to be a 4 hour run. If I were to estimate miles,it would be a 15-17 miler. I run by time not miles. My goal is to comfortably fit in at least 2-five hour runs. As far as tomorrow goes, I went scouting out a place to find the miles. With this new snow options for 4 hours are limited because of snow cover. I did get my Yak Trax but it's too deep to help. The sun did come out today and give me the urge to enjoy the outdoors. The other option is head for the gym for another marathon run. All that I know is that I will not give into the winter and I will be ready for this marathon. It is 11 weeks from tomorrow and too early to panic.

On another exciting note , my garmin 305 came yesterday. I spent last night loading and charging. It is totally amazing what it can do. Also, this is my favorite candy time of the year. My reward after my long run tomorrow is---PEEPS. They are my favorite as long as they are the yellow ones. Any shape is fine. If you ever are really bored-throw one in a microwave and watch what happens!! Do not let your kids try this. Waddling and dreaming of peeps..............................


Joe said...

Yeah, I was surprised when I woke up in Wheaton Saturday morning and saw the 3" of powder. I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel doing the wi-fi thing when a couple went out for a run then came back about 40 minutes later. I asked them where they ran and they said they found a neighborhood to run around in for a while, avoiding Roosevelt Road. But they didn't think it was much fun. Hope you got your good run in!!

Mary Sunshine said...

Here's hoping there are some very headless peeps in your house this evening! Heck, I hope you ate them all!

virtual long run hugs,


Vickie said...

And do be careful checking the peeps website. Do not go to Especially at work.

IronSnoopy said...

Yeah for the Garmin! New stuff always motivates me. I broke out the new Adrenalines on Friday to get my butt on the TM.

Hope your run today was good!

If you have time, you should check out this site:

Oh, and the purpose for chilled peeps is because it instantly makes them "stiff" rather than waiting for them to ripen up on the counter top!!!

Juls said...

Congratulations on getting your garmin. You'll love it.

Have fun with your peeps.