Monday, February 12, 2007


ELLIPTICAL : 45 min. / AVE HR=128

The news of the day here is the approaching weather. After living in New England for several winters, it takes alot to get me too excited. All day the patients spoke of nothing but the weather. On the way home there was the ususal panic at the grocery stores and the gas stations. But who would have thought it would carry over into the gym. The parking lot was almost full. I went inside all the treadmills were full but luckily I was looking for a elliptical. It seemed like people were trying to get workouts in that they might not get in tomorrow. It was an excercise frenzy. The Yoga class was even jammed.

My legs were really tight today. For awhile I was thinking of taking the day off but thought the legs might loosen up alittle with some cross-training.

Waddling with a winter weather watch........


Vickie said...

Yes, we get the same thing here. I am REALLY hoping this thing keeps tracking to the south of us (meaning you will likely get it--sorry). I have a full day of driving my dad to his chemo tomorrow and have been lucky up until now. You are probably still tight from this weekend's run, so the elliptical was probably a good cross-training choice.

Spandex King said...

Good news for me- The storm missed us to the south.

Bad news for you- The storm missed us to the south.

Stay safe and good luck with the snow.

sharon said...

Does it make you wish you had a treadmill at home.
My parents in Ohio already have 10 inches with 12-24 more expected.

Joe said...

Yeah, the storm hit us square in the jaw, 120 miles south of you. But, we'll dig out tomorrow.

Glad you got the workout in!