Sunday, February 11, 2007


RUN: 3:10 / 4R:1W RATIO

I was up most of last night with GI problems from the buffalo wings that I ate. Not a good food for the night before a long run. When I got out of bed all my clothes were there and laid out. I went downstairs grabbed Diet Mountain Dew and 2 pieces of toast and a banana. I filled my fuel belt bottles. When I went upstairs to get dressed, I grabbed 3 GUs.

Finding somewhere to get the miles in this time of year is also a challenge. All the sidewalks I looked at were still snow covered. I chose to go to Springbrook Prairie. I would have to loop it a few times but I would be passing my car if I needed something.

I know it's just as important to drink fluid in the winter as in the summer training. I had my fuel belt bottles full and my GU packed. After about 45 min ,I grabbed a bottle to get a drank and the water was mostly frozen. Not only that the pop up lid was frozen shut. I shook it and was finally able to unscrew it to get a drink.

The trails were still very snow-covered. The snow was light but felt like I was running through sand on the beach. At 3:10 when I passed my SUV, I planned running out alittle and turning around to get the 3:30. But when I saw my SUV, my legs were starting to cramp that was it for me. I was really sore all over when I got into the car. Amazingly ,I was not cold and my GU did not freeze. In my schedule, I have another longer run next weekend. It will be a challenge to find the miles.

Waddling to stand in a hot shower all afternoon....


IronSnoopy said...

Wow. I bow to you. You are nuts! We ran outside and only made it 45 minutes. Soooo cold out!

Congratulations on getting your long run in! No point in going the extra 20 minutes if your legs aren't working.

Definitely warm up! Hot shower, hot food for sure.

I think next week is supposed to warm up. :)

Vickie said...

Good for you. I know how hard it is! Two suggestions for the next cold day: (1) warm water in your water bottles. That way they don't freeze (as quickly anyway)and (2) get some of those Yaktrax. They really do work. No fear of slipping. Another thing that helps the water bottles not freeze is to pour 1 tbs of vodka in the bottle of water. I don't know about you, but it might just keep you from freezing too!

Joe said...

Many, many thanks for the scoop on Naperville Running Company! Great!! I'll let you know how that goes!

This is a good run. Remember you have not been outside for a long run in a long while and the thrill-mill is not the same as outdoors. So, you did this outdoors! Snow does take it's toll, just as sand does.

All in all, this is a very solid long run. IMHO, you continue to be on track for a 6 May marathon.

I always remind myself, for spring races, that it is the runs in the cold that make race day enjoyable.

Thanks again for the lead on the running store...I appreciate you picking up on my request!

Mary Sunshine said...


Learned last weekend that the fuel bottles are less likely to freeze with a jacket on top of them. My good friend, the engineer, came up with this one. It seems to work pretty well but in the extreme cold such as you faced today, it still might not help.

Keep smiling, keep shining!!!!


sharon said...

I think those buffalo wings are the worst before a workout. I once made the mistake of eating a bunch of greasy hot wings for lunch on a Tuesday. On Tuesdays as 6pm during the summer we have a very fast group bike ride that is an unofficial race where we'll go 25 miles with an avg of 24-25. (If I don't get dropped hee hee). I got so so sick that night I really thought I was going to heave on someone elses bike! It will probably be awhile before you'll want hot wings again!

Fe-lady said...

You are a brave woman to be out in the cold for a long can only make you mentally AND physically tough for your race!
Hope your water was HOT so you thawed quickly!

Vic said...

Gutsy run, Waddling! Way to go!

Dori said...

Good job! You're building the mental toughness you need in the marathon. Sucks when the water bottle freezes. I wear my water bottle under my jacket and haven't had a problem recently. Adding the tbsp of vodka sounds pretty creative, though. :-)