Sunday, March 25, 2007


SAT : RUN : 4:30- 5R:1W - 17 MILES - AVE PACE = 16:03

I am having a hard time feeling good about my long. Look at my pace-16:03. I know I'm slow but.... At first I thought it must be an error with my watch. Then I thought of not posting it on the blog. I actually felt good. I did have to make a few pit stops in the woods. Was it that I changed my ratio from 4:1 to 5:1 ? I had enough water. The temperature was good. The Metroparks were a great place to run. I imagine after a great run on Thurs., you can't expect it everyday. It was a huge speed bump to my confidence of breaking 6 hours. I have 6 weeks to go until the PIG. I was going to do another long run (5 hours) then that was it. I am rethinking my schedule.

This a.m. my MIL and I drove in from Cleveland. We loaded as much as we could in her SUV. The rest will come in later this week. She closes on her house on Friday. We went to McDonalds on our way back into town pick up food and snuck into her new home and ate our first meal there. There were alot of tears during the trip but not unexpected from someone who just moved out of her home of 27 years that she shared with the love of her life.

Waddling to unpack the car.................


Reluctant Penguin said...

I'm too new to offer any running advice, but I can do math (at least I use to be able to do math).
By increasing from 4:1 to 5:1, you're increasing your running time during an interval by 25%; yet you're only going from 80% to 83% total running time during an interval. Seems like a high energy price for a 3% gain.
(Maybe I did the math wrong.)

Thanks, as always, for your supportive remarks on my blog.

Flo said...

I've been sitting here trying to find some incredibly inspiring words to type that will boost your confidence for the marathon. They didn't come. All I can say is that I know what it's like. 3 weeks out from my last marathon I was sure I wasn't ready and would blow up.

But, you never know what's going to happen on race day. Hopefully, all the pieces will align at the right moment and a sub-6 may be a piece of cake. I'm hoping that's what happens for you. Good luck and don't let it shake you too bad.

21stcenturymom said...

Is the Run/Walk in minutes? All that stopping and starting seems exhausting to me. I've tried 10/2 and it was pretty good. Maybe that would work better? I have no idea.

The other thing you should try is some speedwork on the track. It will help your 'fast' muscles develop and it will increase your VO2.

21stcenturymom said...

Oh yeah - 2 other things:
1) some days are just not so good
2) you were probably maximally fatigued from Thursday's workout.

Don't get down - just keep on keepin' on. I recommend you stick with a plan you developed in a more confident moment rather than making a dramatic change because of a less than satisfying run.

Vickie said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, my last marathon was over 6 hours. Some of it wasn't my fault (and I never not take the blame for something unless it really wasn't my fault), but it was what it was. As long as the course stays open, just do the best you can do and see what happens. Sometimes race day changes everything, and you may have a better day than you would expect.