Friday, March 30, 2007


THURS. : RUN: 30 min.

Tonight after work, I took my MIL to a MD appointment. When I got home, my hubby had cleaned the house for me and was working to unload some of the things from his mom's house that we were gettting. I changed my clothes and grabbed Dakota to head out for a run. I was hoping to get a 60min run in. When I turned the corner and looked back-I felt really guilty. I know the PIG is 5 weeks away and I need to get this in. I ended up walking with Dakota. My thoughts ranged from "why do I try to train for a marathon" to " How selfish I am to run and not help". I turned around and headed back to help. After helping unload things , I made a fancy supper of pizza rolls and at 9pm while they were eating- I did get a 30min. run in with Dakota.

Today was moving day for my MIL. Everything is in the house and tomorrow the unpacking of boxes begins. Hopefully soon our life can settle into somewhat of a routine.

This weekends training will be a long run of 2-2.5 hours probably on Sunday.

Waddling with the new "Happy Feet" DVD............


Joe said...

Yeah, the nervousness sets in...second guessing training...realizing life keeps happening whatever else goes on.

Keep in mind you've built a solid base. Missing one run won't tear that down. Get a good long one in on Sunday, you'll be fine.

Hope the move goes well.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

It's tough to find balance sometimes, isn't it? I think if you get your long run during the weekend, you will be okay. :)

Dori said...

A half-hour is better than nothing. If life starts to get too busy, maybe you can break your run into 2 shorter runs in a day. Good luck with your long run. I haven't seen "Happy Feet," but it seems like an appropriate title for a runner.

Irene said...

I agree with Dori. A half hour IS better than nothing. You did something. I know you'll get in your long run.

Fe-lady said...

You will feel good about heading back to help one day, if you don't already.
I still feel somewhat guilty at all my "running around" and "not having time" for my now-deseased father-in-law.
You did the right thing, and you will do fine at your race!

Fe-lady said...

deceased...not deseased....or even diseased! Geeze-I need to edit my comments!

IronSnoopy said...

You're OK! No worries. Sometimes life does become more important than a run and that's OK. I'm sure your husband appreciates that you came back and helped him, and a 30 minute run is better than no run! Everyone is right -- your long runs are what is most important.

And you run marathons because it's challenging and you enjoy it and you're tough. If it was easy, everyone would do it. :)

You rock!