Monday, April 02, 2007


SUNDAY : RUN : 2:35 / 10.76 MILES / 4R:1W
MONDAY : RUN : 0:30

I didn't BQ but I did have a good solid long run. But what a dream that was. I spent most of the weekend moving my MIL in her new house. That went well. She's finally in and loves her new home.

There is 5 weeks left until the PIG. My long runs are lined up:

  • April 8--15 miles
  • April 15-- 20 miles
  • April 22-- 5K race
  • April 29-- 10 miles

It seems like you have alot of time to prepare but it come on quick.

Waddling to watch Dancing with the Stars..............

1 comment:

Joe said...

That's a nice sequence into the Pig. Hold to've done so much work and this is the finishing touch on the endurance, both physical and mental.

Hope your MIL is settling in well!