Saturday, April 28, 2007


The morning was indescribably awesome. I knew tomorrow would be a ten mile run. My last big run before the PIG. I wanted to get out the and enjoy the day. I grabbed SILVER , my Trek road bike and took off. I felt a relaxing calm come over me and I knew everything with the marathon would be ok. I had alot to look forward to this year. I have decided after the PIG to switch to duathlons for the rest of the season. I love to bike as much as the run. I also am getting excited to look forward to the Galena Tri/DU which is 2 weeks after the PIG. I also have several other plans in the works for the year which I will be excited to write about after the PIG also.
Waddling after an awesome ride.............


GeekGirl said...

I bet nobody in the history of the world has every put those words together in that order. The. Calm. Before. The. Pig.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I hope your love of the bike is contagious...and if it's a disease I'm trying really hard to catch!!

You sound so happy with everthing. I'm looking forward to reading about the PIG after you finish.

Joe said...

Wow, toe clips and cool handlebars!!! Good for you!

Can you believe week to go!!

So excited for you! Glad you are getting well prepared mentally. Hope the 10 miler went well today.

Fe-lady said...

What geek girl said! Sometimes the sentences we create because of the passions we are living!
Glad you had a great ride and hope the run went well today also! (You look comfortable on Silver! Heigh HO!)

Dori said...

Good luck on Sunday. I'll be out of town this week and may not get to your blog before then. I'm looking forward to your race report. Think good thoughts!

Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Waddler,

You look GREAT on a bike! Very few people do, you know!!!

LOVED the title of this entry!

The Pig will be SO MUCH fun. Weather looks like partly cloudy, high of 79.

I'm happy to hear about your upcoming duathlons! I think du is harder than tri...running before and after the bike.

Get some good sleeps this week!