Wednesday, April 25, 2007



About 8 pm, the panic set in. I was so busy that I didn't go out and run or do anything. It hit me that I'm running a marathon in 11 days. It was pouring down rain. No running outside. I quickly ran upstairs and changed. I'm goin to the gym. My hubby looked at me strangely but not a word was said. When I was walking up the stairs to the second floor at the gym, my legs were tired and heavy. I realized a run on the treadmill was not the best idea. I headed for the elliptical machine and did a light 30 min. workout. My legs and I both felt better. I know that my training is done but just for that moment, I had a panic attack.

Waddling calmly to the shower........


21stCenturyMom said...

It's taper time! All you need to do is go out every couple of days and run a mile or so - run easy.

Right now you need to rest up. Deep breath and repeat after me "I am SO prepared... I am ready!"

That having been said I ran out in a panic last night to run a couple miles with a big hill - just in case. :-)

Joe said...

This is why they call it "Taper Madness"...indeed, you feel as if you are totally bonkers.

You are totally normal!!! Good job to do some activity, help the legs remember to move. Do a nice 8 miler this weekend, then a couple of 4s next week and you're set!!!

Isn't this fun??!!!

Vickie said...

Its normal. Taperitis. Just resist the urge to overdo it.

Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Waddler,

You've gotten some really great advice! It's helping my panic, too.

This will be a really great race for you!


GeekGirl said...

Hey, girl - it's going to be great! Deep breaths. Happy mantras. Whatever works (except margaritas, oddly enough, they don't seem to help with marathons. Damn.)

Irene said...

You are not alone with the panic. Like the others have already said, it's normal. I have MORE than a month before my event and I'm getting those, too. Keep a "positive mental attitude." I like what geekgirl said: "Happy mantras." It's good advice for us all.