Tuesday, April 17, 2007


SPIN : 1:00 : AVR HR= 148 / MAX HR= 167

"Confidence and Determination" was the phrase for tonight's spin class. It was a hell of a workout. The was the usual big hill but before and after was alot of speed work at 110rpm. The visual was that wild dogs were chasing us. Except for when we got out of the saddle to climb , my legs felt good.

Back to reality TV--- I recorded American Idol and Dancing with the Stars so I need to watch those before work tomorrow when everyone tells me what happened.

Waddling to grab the remote........


Flo said...

Don't you hate when everyone watched a show and you didn't??? I record a couple of shows and then have to watch them late or walk around going "Don't tell me"

I like the imagery of wild dogs chasing you. Here in Hawaii that happens. You never know how fast you can really go till you have a pit bull hunting you down :)

Irene said...

I wasn't able to watch either show, so we're in the same boat!

Sounds like you had a killer workout! Hmmm... being chased by dogs? Nice visual! That would get me going faster!

Vickie said...

110 cadence is HARD! I've done it and my legs felt trashed after. Must be all that long distance running is really making you stronger than you thought.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

fast fast cadence....owie owie legs!!

Mary Sunshine said...

Great job on the spinning and also on the 20 miler! Isn't it neat to see all those miles on your Garmin???

The pig miles are between miles 5 and 9 but they are very scenic once you get in the park so if you can focus on the scenery the hills won't seem so bad. After mile 9, it's kind of rolling with short little hills (we referred to them as "pustules" last year during the marathon and it made up laugh)

I personally don't gain much from running up the hills--my swishing, wiggly racewalk actually gets me up hills faster than running...something to consider.

Take good care to recover from your long run! I know you will have a great day on May 6th!

Mary Sunshine said...

meant to say the pig "hills" rather than pig miles.....ugh typing too fast

Reluctant Penguin said...

Glad Mary straightened out that pig miles thing. I was having a visual of wild pigs charging at you between miles 5 and 9.