Thursday, April 19, 2007


RUN: 30 MIN.

Tonight was an awesome night. Bicycles Etc. in Naperville sponsored Trek's "Ladies Night Out". Iron Snoopy and I hooked up and went. It was a demo of bike fitting and explaining the difference in the WSD fit. It was really interesting. I saw a Blue Tri bike that I fell in love with. After that they went through how to change a flat tire. I have never had the pleasure but I am sure the day will come for me to do this. They served wine,crackers, cheese,and fruit. Very well put on. The door prizes were exceptional also. I won a Saris Bike carrier for the car and it was Pink in support of breast Cancer research. How cool!

The best part was the fun with Iron Snoopy. She has a great sense of humor so there were alot of laughs. Also some great stories about learning to ride road bikes. I know I did get bothersome with all my questions about her Ironman training. I am very envious of her opportunity and find the training fascinating.

Waddling into TGIF...........


Dori said...

What a great event! I wish there would be something like that here. I've been researching bikes, because I want to get a road bike when I move to California. I fall in love with every bike I see.

Joe said...

Sounds like a fun for the really dumb question:

What is WSD fit?

I know nothing about bikes, though I have changed and patched bike tires :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

sounds like fun!

i hadn't changed any flats until last fall, when suddenly my tires seemed to find every goat head (stickers here in NM) on the road and suddenly I got LOTS of practice.

Now I have slime lined tube in...I figure I've practiced enough. :)

Vickie said...

I bet she was flattered!

IronSnoopy said...

I had a blast! You are fun, too! :)

I've used my water bottle every single day since then.

I've also readjusted my bike and she's more comfortable than I've ever been. I'm really glad you told me about this and we got to go! :)

I didn't think you were asking too many quesions, either?! I don't talk about the IM to people in every day life, so any interest at all from people who know I'm doing it is great appreciated. I'm so nerdy, it's fun to talk about it to people who get it. :)

And it's fun to see how you're doing with all your training too. I've been watching ya do those long runs for months now! :)