Monday, May 28, 2007


I would first like to thank our troops and our veterans. Thanks to all of those who have served , we have the freedoms that we have today. My father served in the military in WW2. He was with the railroad corp. He travelled in Africa ,the Mideast and Italy. He was leaving Europe on a ship headed for the Pacific when the Japanese surrendered. His ship was turned to New York then came back to Ohio and met my Mom. He has some grat stories to listen to.

I would like to wish my friend Mary good luck this week. She is heading to the upper Penisula of Michigan for a 4 day adventure expedition. You can track her team (Maximus). Hopefully the rain will hold off.
I got up this morning and did my run-bike brick. I felt good. I ran from home first then came home and headed out on my bike. My legs feel ok transitioning this way. The bike to the run is tougher. I had signed up for another Duathlon in 2 weeks-definitely will be in the training mode. Also I am trying to adjust to hydration and Gu's. It's alot different than just running. Any thoughts are appreciated.

RUN = 53:00 / 4 miles

BIKE- 1:30 / 18 MILES

Waddling to put new pedals on my mountain bike.............


21stCenturyMom said...

Assuming you are doing a 10K-40K-10K I reccomend you do 1 Gu toward the end of the first run; drink something loaded with calories on the bike (Carbo-Pro or Perpetuem) so that you get about 200 calories without getting sick, and then, if you need it, do 1 more Gu 1/2 way through the second run although you might not need it. Take Endurolytes, too. No sweet drinks, though. Just water.

Try that and see how it works and good luck!

Charles said...

Everyone is a little different in nutrition for their race. Definitely try what was suggested above as it should work as long as your stomach is happy with it and you feel good doing it.

What works for me is drinking water down sports drink (they are too sweet otherwise and I find I don't drink often enough if they are too sweet). I then take Gu on the run and eat some cliff bar on the ride (early though so it has time to get out of your stomach before the run). It also depends on how much nutrition you need to stay fueled. I used to take a gu every 30 minutes but I have friends who can do an entire marathon on only 3 Gu's. Just try a few things and see what works for you. If you need more specific options then just ask and I am sure you will get some very specific answers :-)