Sunday, May 27, 2007


Today was one of those days where everything caught up with me. The skies were still rainy and just blew my workout off until tomorrow since I'm off.

I had a fun time shopping yesterday and it was a success. Although Hooch's new suit, did not quite meet dad's approval. The best part was when my MIL bought me a new laptop computer. Mine was on the fritz and she knew how much time I spent on mine. Since I decided to stay in this morning it gave me an opportunity to play.

This evening, I went out for a 45 min. ride on Old Yellow , my mountain bike. I plan on riding her for awhile so when I go back to Silver , my road bike , she seems light.

Tomorrow, I WILL be up early and run 1 hour followed by 1:30 bike

Bike : 45 min. /MTB/ 12 mph ave / zone 1-2

Waddling with my computer............

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Joe said...

Your MIL is awesome...what a generous and thoughtful gift.

Hope the 60 minute run went well this morning!