Sunday, May 20, 2007


RUN: 2.0miles -22:29 / 11:58pace
T1: 2:13
Bike : 16.8miles- 1:30 / 11.2mph ave. / including crash and repair
T2 : 3:17
Run : 4.3 miles -1:08 / 15:39 pace

This was my second time to do Galena and I loved it as much as the first.

I was excited. There were no time goals in my head. Just enjoy. I ran into Iron Snoopy and her hubby at T2 setting everything up. She was alittle nervous about the downhills but I knew she'd love the bike. Bino was a great help getting everything ready to go. He checked my bike over and added air to my tires.

RUN 1 -The start was 1:04 after the beginning wave of the Tri. It was interesting to watch. Almost made me want to learn to swim. I felt good on the run going into T1.

T1-It was very uneventful. Easy to find my bike because most were out on the course.

Bike- I started out good. The hills were challenging. When going uphill at about mile 8, my chain came off. I couldn't unclip. When my speed dropped to zero- boom-I feel over into a ditch. It had to be hilarious to see. I got up to put my chain back on. Without my glasses, it was hard to see where it went. I finally got it back on and went to finish the hill then I realized my seat was sideways. I stopped and had to bang it back to position. I finshed up with no problem but lost alot of time.

T2- Bino was there to cheer me on. Grabbed my water and a GU and took off.

Run2 - This is where I fell apart. My legs wer totally shot. Running a marathon 2 weeks ago was really hurting me. For the first time I wore my HR monitor during a race- my HR was consistantly over 160 even with walking. My goal became just to finish. Bino was there at the finish line to cheer me in.

I've gained alot from doing this and had a great time. This is no doubt on my calendar for next year. Now it's 12 weeks until the Mideast Du. I have a training program that I got off Beginner Triathlete. It starts tomorrow.

Waddling with a scraped up leg and a couple of bruises but still smiling.............


Vickie said...

Well, you got that crash out of the way! Good going, and I'm sure this will be a good experience for your next event.

Reluctant Penguin said...

Congrats on the event. Great job. Crashes?? You're a lot more adventuresome than I.

Irene said...

Wonderful race report! You are a brave woman, doing this event JUST two weeks after a marathon! Just amazing! Reading about your duathon has got me thinking about it.


jkhenson said...

You rock, after a marathon, waddling into this! Congrats! Hope the scrapes, etc. feel better today!

Fe-lady said...

Sorry to hear about your crash...consider the scrape and bruises medals of honor for completing the event! Congratlaltions!

IronSnoopy said...

If I was you, I'd be "off" hills for awhile! :) Between The Pig and are simply amazing. I don't know how you do it.

It was so great to see you. You really helped calm me down in T2.

I'm sorry you fell, but war wounds are kinda cool too... :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

i learned a lot from my race this weekend too.

have fun, learn stuff, and get better. It's all good!!

Duane said...

Congratulations! I see you signed up for IM KY as a volunteer! I am going out to support some bloggers (Mary Sunshine being one of them). Hope to meet you!

Joe said...

Wow, what a race!! I too am impressed you got this done just two weeks after the Pig. Very cool.

Oh my, the tip over while clipped in!!!!! Glad you only had a minor scrape!! Must have felt embarrasing!!

OK, now 12 weeks to go...a very decent training stretch...enjoy it! you need reading glasses while you run?? Note that...I may have some info to help that, if you are interested


Charles said...

Congrats!! What an accomplishment after a marathon!

Mary Sunshine said...

Good job getting on that bike again!

I hate it when the chain shifts off. Had a bad time with this on a Bianchi that the shop had loaned me. Had more bruises that season!

It's very ambitious to race again so soon after the Pig. You must really love this stuff... ;-)


GeekGirl said...

good job getting back out there! your experience at t1 reminds me of what I enjoy beng slow - I can ALWAYS find my bike. I'll never need baloons or fancy towels.

Dori said...

Congratulations on finishing! Sounds like a grueling experience, after only 2 weeks from running a marathon. Glad you had a good time. I'd like to try a duathlon sometime. I need a bike first.