Tuesday, May 22, 2007


MONDAY : RUN = 31 min./ 2.04 MILES /ZONE 1/20 min. Strength / 15 min. Core
TUESDAY: SPIN = 60 min / 15 min Core / Zone 3

After the Pig and Galena, I was ready to give up hills for awhile. I went to spin tonight. The workout tonight was 3 loops of hills. I was suprised that my legs survived the workout. My next race which is in 3 weeks is on a completely flat course.

I began my 12 week program working towards my Duathlon in August then September. The biggest addition is the core and strength training. Also my workouts are based on HR and Zones. I have never tried anything as structured as this. I have often thought about a coach but I'll try this first.

Waddling on flat roads without hills...............


Charles said...

Are you following some sort of prepackaged plan? There are several books with training plans based on HR zones and some really nice websites that tailor plans for your personal goals and abilities as well. Not quite as good as a personal coach but a bit cheaper. Good luck!

Vickie said...

As long as you figure out your HR and zones, it really is easy to follow. I've been doing it for a couple of months with spinning classes and will transfer it over to biking soon. I found all my zones on the internet.

Mary Sunshine said...

I think we need to launch the official "Hill Haters" club! Enjoy your time on the flats!

All kidding aside, strength training helped me feel much better on hills. I couldn't believe it. I do the lifts recommended in the book "Going Long" by Friel and Byrne. Had the instructors at the fitness center show me how to do them last Oct and it has made such a difference.

Irene said...

Hooray for flat roads! I wish I could say the same!