Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tonight my training schedule called for some speed work. I decided to run to the soccer park near my house and run the loop around the field. It was humid and hot still at 7pm. I ended up doing 3 loops of .4 mile or 640. with rest periods between. Next week the goal is to increas to 4 loops.

On a side note, my heart was saddened to hear of the passing of John "Blazeman" Blaze in his battle against ALS. I watched as he did Ironman Kona 2 years ago and rolled across the finish line. Also last year as he watched from his wheelchair, as Team Blazemen rolled across the line to raise money to fight ALS. John-you will not be forgotten.

Run - 41:44 - 3.31 miles
w/u 11:29
Lap 1 - 3:52:87 / .4 mile / 10:13 ave
Lap 2 - 3:52:45/ .4 mile / 10:17 ave
Lap 3 - 3:52:92/ .4 mile / 10:05 ave
c/d 14:00

Waddling to watch 2006 Ironman Kona again........


Vickie said...

Speedwork is hard at any temperature! You're doing great. And BTW, where are you staying when you go to IM KY? I'd like to figure out a meet up.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job with the run!

I was saddened by his passing as well.

Irene said...

Nice going with the run, even with the heat!