Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today , I chose Waterfall Glen to do a brick. In our area currently we have been invaded by cicadas that show up every 17 years. I am not an expert at all. I do know they make a deafening noise, fly around, and shed their shells. My friend has so many of them around her house that she shovels them off her sidewalk with a shove. I ran one 9.6 mile loop then got on my Mtn. bike and did another loop. The trail was covered with shells. I can't believe how may that I flattened.

One of the goals for my workout was to work on hydration and nutrtion. I used HydroBoom, It worked ok but I did not like the rasberry-lemon. I also had one GU on the run. Also before the bike, I had orange slices and half of a banana. The banana sat heavy in my stomach. considering the temp. was near 90 when I finished, I think it went well.

The trails were also packed with people today. Chicago marathon training programs have begun, the boy scouts were hiking, and a group of skiers training on wheels were some of those that I passed by.
RUN : 2:15 / 9.6 miles / 4r:1w
Transition= 17 min.
BIKE : 0:58 / 9.6 miles / Mtn. Bike
Total : 3:30


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Icky!! I am so glad we dont get too much of a cicada invasion here as when I was growing up in Ohio. Shudder. They just gross me out.

Good job on the run.

Vickie said...

Good brick, despite the weather!

Joe said...

Yeah, this is ugly training time. Just think of how you moaned about the cold as you trained for The Pig!!! Tough to live here in the midwest, but we have strong character :-)

Way to work through it...this heat will break mid week and it will be a little better. I hope.