Saturday, June 23, 2007


M.S. Tour de Farms : 35 miles

"It would have been a good ride if....."

  • It was not pouring down rain.
  • The temperature was above 70
  • There were not 2 flat tires on the team.
  • A team memeber did not wreck on the railroad tracks

It actually was a great ride. There were friends. Alot of laughter.

Today, I got up at 4 am to the sound of heavy rain outside. The plan was to ride 75 miles. Every excuse not to go was running through my mind. I knew that later I would be upset that I didn't ride. When I got there, I found some other team members in the parking lot. Iron Snoopy , Moose and I walked up to get our packets. We were quickly soaking wet. I decided on the walk up that I would do 35 instead of 75. I felt like that I was wimping out but I also knew that I had to go to work then to relay for life in the PM. When we got back to the cars, one of the other riders opted out and everyone else also backed down to the 35. I can't remember how many times that I laughed but what a crazy group. So much fun to be with. We were all glad to get done and chilled to the bone. A very memorable day.

I got home , warmed up in the shower, then took a small nap to recover. Then I headed to work to treat a patient. It went well and I was out in an hour.

Next , I was off to the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life". My team already had the camp site set up. We were dressed as cowboys and had the "O Kure" Corral. I had a great time there also. I saw quite a few of my patients. Again alot of laughs while we walked around the track. I only lasted a few hours.

Waddling to dry off and warm up again.............


Charles said...

Its easy to race for a cure when it is 75 and sunny (Ok maybe not easy but you get the idea). The real heros do it when it is hard (rainny and cold). You are a amazing to push through the weather and do it anyway when so many would have stayed in their nice warm and dry bed.

Vickie said...

Tough day out there, but you did get 35 miles in and that's not easy to do in the rain. And you didn't wreck or get a flat.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Way to get out there and put some miles in despite the weather.

Dori said...

Holy cow, what a full day! Good for you for showing up; it could not have been fun riding in a downpour. I admire you for doing that.

Joe said...

Way to go!! Glad you eventually warmed up. Hey, 35 miles in the rain is nothing to sneeze at...but then again, as cold as you were, maybe you did sneeze :-)