Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am about ready to doze off but want to catch up. I've been so busy. Work has been hectic. My training is increasing. My MIL is still adjusting and needing help. My hubby is still off on diability for the pain in his neck and shoulder which they are unable to find the cause of. Oh- and I have 2 teenagers.

Now that I have all my whining done----

Last night the weather was much cooler and the skies were filled with storms. I went to spin class and had a good workout. I really turned the resistance up on the hills.
Tonight , I went for an easy 4mile run. I didn't watch my time just enjoyed the cool evening air.

I have taken a look at my upcoming schedule. I signed up for Powerman Ohio in September and never took at good look at the Distance. I know it's not an Ironman but I definitely am going to have to buckle down. 5 mile run/40 mile bike/ 5 mile run. Just roughly about 4.5 hours. That's like a marathon. I really need to look at my miles.

Waddling while asleep..........


Vickie said...

Just where is this Powerman? Is there a tri connected with it? I am looking for something in September closer than the National Triathlon, since I really hate traveling long distances to races! But I reserve the right to change my mind on that one!

Joe said...

Wow, the family obligations are huge. You are there for each of them, I know!

Yeah, those distances would be a the planning, you can do it! Plus, it is in Ohio and the home turf has to help, eh??