Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was a day my hubby and I were waiting for to find out what the next step is to help his neck. He was scheduled for a myelogram ( injection of dye into the spine) and a CT scan of his neck. I took the day off of work. We headed for the hospital hoping that soon we would have some answers to get relief for the pain and weakness in his right arm. When we arrived and check in we found out his test had been rescheduled for next Tuesday. No one called us! More upsetting was the reason. Our insurance company and the hospitals contract had lapsed. They had just signed a new one that would be effective in 2 days. So the hospital rescheduled the exam. The MD was in the hospital and called the insurance company to see if we could get an approval to do it since we were there and my hubby was in so much pain . THEY REFUSED TO PAY FOR IT!!! We have to wait. Isn't it sad? Now another 6 days of waiting in pain for my hubby and he is on disability from work.

It was hectic because Bino had Football camp from 11-2, bowling camp 2-430 then Driver's Ed 630-830. Luckily, Hooch has her liscence and did part of the driving.

I did get out on my Mtn. Bike for about an hour and it felt good.

Bike : 60 min. / 13 miles / Mtn Bike.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

How frustrating. They didn't call and you couldn't get approval do do it anyway. And now he has to wait. Uggggghhhhh!!!!!

21stCenturyMom said...

On June 29 Michael Moore's movie Sicko will open. I'm guessing that you and a lot of people will watch that film and get very angry all over again. As he points out, insurance isn't about getting people health care, it is about keeping people from health care so the insurance companies can maximize their profits. Very, very sad. Where is the humanity in that?

Vickie said...

Ah yes, the insurance nightmare. I have to question just what good they are? My niece had to have a thymectomy(?) and it took 6 months to get approval. In the meantime, the poor kid went from a normal 16 year old girl to an 80 pound invalid. When they finally got the operation, the ins. then refused to pay for it, saying they hadn't approved it. Um, yeah, they just showed up at the hospital one day unannounced for major surgery. Yeah, right.
Anyway, hope he gets some relief soon. And lets hope we don't ever go into the nationalized health care mess!