Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tonight , I did hot & humid pick-ups so renamed Hick-ups. They weren't smooth by any means. They weren't exact distances. But they were faster sections of my run. I felt a difference in my form and stride. Dakota (my golden) wasn't exactly sure what we were doing but he hung in there.

Run: 4 miles = 1mi. w/u + 2 miles of pickups(11:00pace) + 1 mi c/d

Waddling to watch the Tour climb the mountains............


Vickie said...

I used to do these on a regular basis when I trained with a group and coach. He called them 20/40s--40 seconds hard, 20 easy (easy meaning really SLOW). We would do this for 15-20 minutes even before the regular track workout. It helps loosed up your legs and gets them turning over faster, which ultimately results in more strength and endurance in a race. Keep at it, because regardless of what speed you run them, you should see improvement when done regularly.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sounds like good speed training!!