Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weekend began with no set training plans. I was on call for work and had to go in on Saturday do I was limited on time. So when I got up, I ran 6.5 miles and set my sight on a long bike on Sunday. I was slow during the run. I think my diet cutback is filtering into my training.

On Sunday , I heard Naperville Bicycle Club was sponsoring the Metrice Melon Ride. Quite a few other riders were not riding because of the Jommy Buffet concert last night but I decided to go rather than ride alone. The distance options we 15, 35, 68, or 100 miles. I was hoping to ride 40-50. Decisions , decisions. As I was riding along, some guy came up beside of me, who was hitting on me. He was riding 35. Easy choice go for the 68. I had never gone more than 62 and that was 20 years ago. What the hell!!!

The scenery was all soy bean fields and corn fields. The land was so flat that you could see for miles. The temperature at 7am was a perfect 54. I had absolutely no time goal just to ride and enjoy.

The miles clicked by. The rest stops were an oasis of food. Fresh cut watermelon was a highlight. As I was approaching the final stop, a car sped by me. There was no shoulder to the road and my tires skidded off. I flew over my handbars hit my head and skidded to a stop. I layed there for a minute then regrouped to the side of the road. My chain had come off. But the bigger problem was the sick feeling in my stomach from hitting my head. All the riders that passed by did offer to help by I just needed to get it together by myself. There were still 18 miles to ride. I got the chain back on and made it to the rest area.

I took a look at my helmet. It was cracked. There is no doubt in my mind now of how important it is to wear one. That could have been my melon cracked.

I felt better and finished the last 18 miles. This is the longest ride that I have ever done. My legs felt great. My shoulders did ache along with my neck. I averaged 14 mph including my crash. I finshed and in one piece. Only 3 weeks until the mideast regional -the bike is solid.

Bike 5:01 / 68 miles


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm so glad you are okay!! How scary!!

Time for a new helmet...but that's easier to deal with than a cracked noggin!!

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I am Waddler's husband. Please excuse my wife's great spelling. I've been making sure she stay's awake this evening..."minor concussion". And to think I race drag cars and ride a motorcycle and have yet to get a concussion. I am glad she will be ok. This weeks shop project for me is training wheels and a roll bar for both her bikes. As they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, plus I love her very much.

Irene said...

That IS so scary! Thank you, Waddler's Husband, for the update!

21stCenturyMom said...

OMG! I don't suppose the car driver stopped?

When we were driving through Illinois I couldn't help but think how flat the roads looked and how incredibly bike unfriendly it seemed. No shoulder and people going way too fast.

I'm SO glad you are okay. That was too close for comfort. Three cheers to Mr. Waddler to looking after you so well. And kudos for finishing that ride.

Reluctant Penguin said...

Really glad that you're ok. I had been mulling over the idea of purchasing a bike.... but... hmmm.... maybe not :)

Vickie said...

Yikes! Glad you're okay, but do make sure you get checked for ANY unusual ache or pain. Sometimes these things have a residual effect later, and you don't want that to mess up the rest of your season. Good ride! About the helmet, I know that saved me from being a vegetable too, and yet today I heard a woman at work say she didn't need to wear a helmet because she only rode on the trail. Doesn't matter. You can go over the handlebars just as you did and you will hit your head. Lucky you having such a caring and concerned husband.

Anonymous said...

I had my first and certainly not last car bike encounter at 12. Good to hear you are ok!

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Mary Sunshine said...


You write about this so matter-of-factly...and then continued on to ride EIGHTEEN MILES?!?

I was happy to see your more recent post where you returned to spinning class. I will take this as a good sign.

Please take good care of yourself and heal up well!


Fred said...

Glad to hear you're OK. I hope you were not on the Equinox 7. What helmet was damaged? Come by and see if we have the same one at the shop.

Joe said...

Just catching up to blogs.

Oh my!!!!! What an awful thing to have happen!! I'm glad you are bouncing back and that it was the helmet, not your head, that was banged up!!

Hang in there!!!