Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A couple of months ago, I was so excited by buying a Garmin 305. Being a geek- I was so excited by the technology and info that I could gain. Now I feel a bit let down.

  • I bought the 305 instead of the 205 to get the heart rate monitor. The heart rate reading is so small that I can't see it without my glasses.
  • In the last 2 duathlons , I had problems on the bike portion after the transition.
  • There are time when running that I know the pace is incorrect. For example, I am running smooth and check my watch which reads and 18:00 pace?
  • The distance is off almost .1 per mile.
  • When doing the trail part of a run in the woods-I totally lost any data.
  • I thought that I would prefer it over my RS200 by Polar but I don't .
  • I have no patience for locating satellites.
  • The interval for doing a run / walk is challenging to use.

I know there are alot of at advantages but for me I'm switching back to my Polar.

Run : 3.0 miles / ave pave 13:30

Waddling to pay some bills (ugh)......................


Vickie said...

I know how you feel. I am not mentally challenged by gadgets, but they just complicate everything! I am not so caught up in every last detail any more either, and usually the less I know while working out, the better. I just go by how I feel. If I feel winded, sick, or am hurting, I know to back down. Probably the only disadvantage then would be if I am comfortable, I am quite content with that pace!

21stCenturyMom said...

If you want to sell the Garmin please let me know. They have their faults but I'm lusting for one.

They do miss signals and if there is tree cover they can't triangulate your whereabouts to do a calculation but over all I heart my Garmin 201 and would love a 305. Let me know!

Dori said...

I agree with you about the heart rate reading--it is small. But I don't have trouble with locating satellites; I find it so much faster than my 201 was.

A friend of mine was having problems with satellite locations on her 305 and she downloaded a software update from the Garmin website. It works better for her now.

Darrell said...

Thanks for the input on the Garmin. I've been tempted but have yet to make the investment.

Bill paying IS always so much fun.

GeekGirl said...

Hi ther: most of the time they are pretty good - and here's what I've figured out. Hope it helps!
1. If you press the button on the lower left, and "enter" as you then scroll through the menues to change "settings" and "data fields" you can choose how many windows show up on each screen and you'll get to see your heart rate bigger. If you press the window on the upper right, it will scroll you through different screens (I think there's three)
2. If you're running in lots of trees and/or around lots of buildings, and sometimes when you're turning a lot it will "miss" every couple of seconds, and then when it picks you up again, it will just draw a straight line from the last point it "saw" you, not realizing that you weren't running in a straight line.
3. If you need help with the setting in #1, email me, and I'll send you the exact steps. I'm away from my Garmin right now.

GeekGirl said...

PS: Try googling "Garmin Tips and Tricks" and see what comes up. This can be such a fantastic tool. Don't give up on it!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I have the 205 (I already had a HR monitor and didn't want the pay the premium). I can't get the run/walk thing to work the way I want yet either! Grrr.

But I've been lucky with the satellite connections.

Mary Sunshine said...

Garmin wars seem to be a daily occurrence with many of us. I really only rely on mine to document the fact that I went the distance and completed the prescribed training. Real time pace and heart rate readings are frequently inaccurate and it makes me angry because I need to stay in certain zones for training...