Friday, August 24, 2007


Just arrived at my hotel in Louisville. I was afraid of flight delays with all the bad weather that we have had but it wasn't bad. It's after midnight and I'm trying to settle in. It's so weird to be by myself.

I plan to be down by the river and get some photos and catch up with some people in the a.m. There is a Gatroade swim from 8-10am. I have to leave to get my volunteer orientation from 9-10am. I hope to go to the expo in the afternoon and meet friends for dinner. Then the evening will end early due to the fact I have to be at the transition at 4am.

Waddling into a great weekend............................

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Joe said...

Awesome...looks like the weather on Sunday should cooperate better...enjoy!!

You'll be a huge encouragement to a lot of folks!!!