Wednesday, August 22, 2007


With the weekend approaching, my excitement is rising. For years, I have watched Ironman Kona on Tv. Every year the same thing happens- I am inspired to tears at the finishers. Because I am not a swimmer- I've never considered the possibility of doing one. I have always wanted to be at the finish. I want to let everyone who comes in, not matter what the time is, to know that they are my hero and inspiration. They have shown what hard work and determination can do.

I hope in the afternoon Sunday to make it to the computer and post some photos and show some updates. Those that I know that I am following are:

Iron Snoopy --#84
Moose- #1603
Mary Sunshine #2051
Athena- Misty #1540
Sweet Baboo #1539
Iron Pol

other support persons:
Duane--- Couch Potato
Vickie from Michigan

Waddling with excitement............


Duane said...

You cry too! :-)

21stCenturyMom said...

What is your volunteer job? I was going to volunteer at IM WI but alas, I'm not going any more.

Enjoy the day - I'm sure it will be hugely inspriational.

Joe said...

have a great trip!! Wave "hello" on I-65 as you cruise past Lafayette...I did the same to you when I was on Naperville Road yesterday!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

have fun. i'll be looking for photos!!

Mary Sunshine said...

Dear Waddler,

I thought of you all day when I heard about the storms in Chicago. I hope all is well.