Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Along with the change of seasons to fall, homecoming also comes for the kids in High school. Hooch is a junior. Every year she goes with a group rather than an individual because she enjoys it more. Bino ,my son who is a sophomore now ,invited a girl last year who changed her mind the week before homecoming and went with someone else. This year he has had a relationship with a girl for months and asked her to homecoming. Yesterday (10 days before the dance) she decided to go with her ex-boyfriend who she still had feelings for. How tough!! I wish I could do something to help ease the hurt but he seems to be doing great. He has decided to go anyway with a group of guys from his football team. Growing up is tough.

Last night was swim class #3. I did the side float with the flutter kick and added the breathing. The coach then had me raise my arm and flip to the other side. Cool. Then to go side to side and add the arms. Yeah!!!!!!! My homework switch 3 times then take a breath!!!! I can do this!!!!!!!!
I'm Swimming!!!!!!!!

Swim: 50 min / drills

Waddling and flipping................


21stCenturyMom said...

I know what you mean about those painful, painful high school expereinces. Ouch! And yet there is really nothing we can do but offer our sympathy and a hug. Poor guy.

Congratulations on the swimming - yay!

Fe-lady said...

Hey, penguins swim FAST ya know! Congratulations!
Your son will shake it off...I am glad he is still going and especially with a group. He will definitely hacve more fun that way. And when SHE see HIM having fun, and she isn' well is the best payback to someone who has hurt you!

Duane said...

Sorry to hear about your son, very tough. Glad to hear about your swimming!

Vickie said...

Yay for the swimming! You will do great. You're doing great on everything else, so I expect the same with this. As for the kids, I know, you want to do everything to make their lives easier, but they really do have to find out on their own, no matter how much it breaks YOUR heart.

Irene said...


I feel bad for your son, but at least he's going anyway, with friends. Good for him moving on.

Joe said...

Boy, high school can really stink sometimes, can't it?? My best to Bino...he'll be OK, but it ain't easy. I know he is grateful for your support and listening ear.

Great job on the swimming...solid progress!!