Sunday, October 07, 2007


This morning when I got up, I immediately flipped on the TV. Today is the Chicago Marathon. It's 7am and the temperature is already 70 degrees. I remember back to 2003 when I watched this and made my mind up to run it in 2004. I wanted to be part of the thousands of runners at the start and feel the excitement for myself. There was no doubt in my mind that I could be one of those out there.

I got up and headed out the door for a 4 mile run. One mile for every year since then. One mile to glance back to where I have come from.

Mile 1 (2003) After 15 years of not running, I began to run again. I was up to 3 miles. I completed my first 5 K race and was thrilled with 34:50. I made up my mind to run the Chicago Marathon in 2004. In 1988 while training for the Columbus marathon, I injured my knee on my last 20 mile run. It was important to me to finally take a shot at the marathon distance.

Mile 2 ( 2004) My sights for focused on the marathon. I began the season with a 10k in May. That day when I finished the race, I officially signed up for Chicago. I started increasing my mileage. I used Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham as my guide. In August, I ran the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon. Then in October completed my first marathon. I was on top of the world.

Mile 3 (2005) I made the decision to sign up for Chicago again. I did my half earlier in May at Indy. My friend DeeDee also had signed up for Chicago. My training was right on track. This year I leaned toward Jeff Galloway training. In September , I ran a PR at the USAF half marathon. When October came, I lined up for my 2nd time in Chicago. Unfortunately at mile 22 my knee began hurting so bad that I walked the last 4.2 miles.

Mile 4 (2006) After recovering for my ITB injury in my right knee, I began spin class. There I met Mary who introduced me to the world of biking. I loved it and bought my first road bike. I decided no marathon this year. Because I can't swim, I decided to do some duathlons and half marathins this year. I really enjoyed doing the 2 sports.

Cooling off (2007) A quick glance at this year started with siging up for the Flying Pig Marathon. I had no desire to run Chicago again. After the marathon, my focus was truely the duathlon. I enjoyed every race that I did. A highlight also was going to Louisville and volunteering at Ironman. How inspiring. That's when my goals for 2008 began popping in my head. I needed to learn how to swim as soon as possible. Because I knew that 2008's big goal would be a half Ironman.

In all of this, I realized how lucky I am to be able to dream something and do it. I hope I can continue and always have the faith to go on.

Waddling to the future..............


Vickie said...

You have to wonder why our paths have taken us down these roads, don't you? And don't you wonder where they will leadin the future? Hopefully, the journey has just begun.

Joe said...

Great summary...great progress. Didn't know you attempted a marathon back in 1988!!

Wow, what a day for the marathon in Chicago...can you believe this heat? How awful for the people who planned and paid, to have it called off after four hours.

How horrible for the family of the man who died.

Duane said...

So which half IM will you be doing?

Dori said...

Nice post, Waddler. I'll bet you were glad you didn't have to run a marathon in yesterday's heat!