Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Over the river and through the woods....... to Ohio.

Tomorrow we are leaving for my dad's house in Ohio. I am so excited to see him. At 86, you never know what tomorrow will bring. He bought the turkey, pumpkin pie, and made cranberry salad. I bring the rest. My hubby had decided to stay put at home to be with his mom at this tough time and I totally understand.

My morning began with Master's swim. I started my warm up. Nothing seemed to be clicking. Coach continued to talk to me and give me support and by the end of the hour, I felt good about my workout.

My morning continued by taking Hooch, my daughter, to the orthopedic office. At the age of 3 she began in gymnastics. At 10 , she was 6th on the floor in a national event. The 20 hours a week training took a toll on her body. By 13 she had torn her achilles, broke her rt foot and ankle 3 times, and broke her finger. She made the decision to quit and change to cheerleading. Today, I was concerned again. The doctor thinks it's a strain. But will re-eval in 1 week before nationals in Indy.

The day ended watching my son, Bino, bowl on the JV team. His high game was 198 and they won.

I do have alot to be thankful for.

Waddling to Ohio..........


Dan Seifring said...

Happy Thanksgiving Waddling. Enjoy your trip, and what a great bowling score that is.

Fe-lady said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Say "hi" to Ohio for me!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...


Sunshine said...

Thanks for sharing your reasons for Thanksgiving.. Including a good time with your Dad. Precious!