Saturday, November 24, 2007


Our trip back to Ohio was awesome. It is so nice to slow things down for a few days and regroup. Dad looked great. He slept alittle more than in the past but at 85 - I may do that too.

For Thanksgiving, we have our special traditions. Wednesday night is toasting the bread for the homemade stuffing. Hooch did most of it.We ordered pizza and watched the DVD "Wild Hogs". I got up at 4 am on Thanksgiving and put the bird in the oven. My dad and I went to morning mass where he did the readings. After coming home Bino made the green bean casserole while I peeled the potatoes. After overeating for dinner, the afternoon was spent watching Christmas DVDs. Our new one for this year was Santa Claus 3 with Jack Frost. Supper was the leftovers.

We came home on Friday to beat the traffic. I was home early enough to head to the gym and get a swim workout in.

Saturday , I awoke to 28 degree temperatures. I headed out the door with Dakota for a 5 mile run. My mind began running to the future and the training ahead of me for Steelhead. I have to lose some more weight then start logging in the hours.

Waddling to the grocery....................


21stCenturyMom said...

According to Wil's blog you have lost 12 pounds - 12!!!!!

That is stellar so congratulations!

Joe said...

What a great glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Love all the traditions you can enjoy!!

Yes, it was cool this morning...glad you got the miles in!

Vickie said...

Glad you had a nice holiday. You have to enjoy them while you can.