Saturday, December 01, 2007


December is coming in like a bang. "Winter Storm Warning is in effect." The morning new is covered with stories of the approaching weather. Outside it has just begun. I actually love this kind of weather.

This morning for my workout , I headed for the gym. I did a run-swim brick. I started with 4 miles on the treadmill the headed for 500m in the pool. I felt good. On the treadmill I watched to keep my heart rate in zone 2 with a little in zone 3. In the pool. I just worked on drills for keeping my head down and breathing.

I knew the weather was coming in so I stopped at the grocery on the way home. It was time for me to turn into Susie Homemaker. I made chicken soup, chicken salad, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs. I have a few more things to go but I don't intend to cook the rest of the weekend. Bino is spending time with his girl and Hooch is in Indy for a Cheer competition.

Waddling to watch it snow..................

Run = 4 miles
Swim = 500m


Joe said...

Yeah, this ice is coming in. I think you are getting the worst of it. Hootch is OK...I 65 will be fine down here.

Hunker down..more cold stuff on Sunday!!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by.. and if you check my new pictures.. You will see winter has come to Minnesota too!!

I think we have to cheer each other on through the winter.
Your workout today: Impressive!! More that just a waddle!

rocketpants said...

It does look like the mid-west and NE are all hunkering down for quite the storm.

Good with the swimming! That is awesome.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunshine said...

Yes, what a lovely snow!!
Part of me cherishes the beauty of it and part of me wishes for safer footing and warmer temperatures for running. Tonight we are cozy indoors... and spring will come.

Mary Sunshine said...

I'd like to come by for some of your home cooking! If only Cinci were closer to Chicago.

Pokey said...

Mmmmmmmm...chicken soup. We actually could of used some of that in AZ today was chilly and rainy!!! Great soup weather.

Great workout!