Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today , I went to the gym for a swim workout with no great plan. I thought maybe I would just add some endurance. After my first 2 warmup laps, I realized that my form really stunk. I made up my mind to go back to beginner drills. I don't want to add anymore distance until my form is more solid. Master's swim will begin again in 10 days and I know Coach will help me out alot.

The rest of my day was spent at the bowling alley watching Bino bowl in the conference championship. His team came in second. He had high series with a high game of 234.
It was alot of fun but nerve-wracking watching him. I was exhausted.

Thinking about heading outside to run tomorrow if it's above 30.

Waddling to relax for the evening.............

Swim: 45 min. / 1100m / basic drills


Sunshine said...

Been meaning to add you to my list of blogs I like to read.. finally got that done.

Joe said...

The whole form thing is key...and especially so in the water, I would think. I've been thinking / focusing much on form in running. I suspect you are very wise to take the move to get the form right...otherwise you'll be very inefficient in doing the distance work later. Don't chop down the tree with a dull axe, as they say.

Vickie said...

Form is as important as endurance in swimming. You will take less time to accomplish any distance with good form, so keep working on it. Its always a work in progress. I still work on mine almost every swim.