Friday, January 18, 2008


Today was one of those days that changes your training. My motivation was beginning to drop. The dark winter days and subzero temperatures make it tough. But spin class gave me a push over the hump today.

I barely could get out of bed. I wanted to go to spin class at 530am. I made but I was 5 minutes late. I headed to the back of the room. Nick was the instructor today. He does tri's and relates alot to the training. Just his comments during class helped to re-motivate me. The clincher was when during the last 12 minutes of working out, he played the DVD of Ironman Wisconsin that he had gotten after doing it last year. I brought tears to my eyes. Then it came to me the reason that I was there at 530am. I wanted to feel like one of those people in that DVD.

My base training has been going good. I have been getting the time and laying some solid groundwork. Now I need to increase the intensity of my workouts. Then come April 1 ramp up the hours.

Next week, begins the next level. Master's swim is back for 12 weeks. I can go 3 times per week. that by far is my weakest sport and I need to get it much more solid. My biking is good but holding for better weather. On my running, I have been increasing the long run on the weekend.
I think that I am on track.

Waddling with a new waddle.............

Thursday : swim= 45 min drills
Friday : spin class = 45 min.


Sunshine said...

"Waddling with a new waddle...." I love that!! Good for you!

rocketpants said...

Congrats for pushing on through! That can be hard.

Irene said...

Getting over the hump is huge!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Vickie said...

You sound like you are on track! Don't worry about the swimming, it will come. Three days a week will pay off. As far as being in a slump, we all need motivation now and again to help us see the purpose of what we are doing.

Dan Seifring said...

Great attitude Waddling. Keep the momentum up.