Saturday, February 02, 2008


After the snow yesterday, My longer run had to be inside ont the treadmill. My goal was 7 miles. It was going to be a long time on the treadmill. The entire workout becomes a series of games and bargains. First game is increasing the decreasing the incline for 10 min. Next section , I drop the speed and increase the incline. At 30 min., there is a pit stop break. I opt to change tredmills to the other side of the gym. The next section is alot of speed changes followed by concentrating on form and stride. Finally I keep increasing the speed to end at 6.0 mph.

It felt like I was on the treadmill for hours but it wasn't. I signed up for a May half marathon so I need to get some additional running miles on the books.

Tomorrow is masters swim at 7am. It will not be a late Saturday night.

Waddling to relax..................


Sunshine said...

With sincere sympathy for indoor training. We will all be glad for the opportunity to choose outdoor workouts. Good job!

Irene said...

Anything to keep in interesting is all good! Nice job getting in the 7 miles!

Joe said...

You amaze me with your ability to do long runs on the 'mill. Way to make it happen...any game that gets you through is a good one!