Sunday, March 09, 2008

The photo is of spring. It certainly looks nothing like that here. At my dad's house in Ohio where there is 20 inches of snow, it looks nothing like that. But sometime in the future, it will look like that.

Because of the weather , no chance of running outside. So Saturday , I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. I am so antsy to get outside. I am sure I will soon be complaining about the heat.

Sunday was a brick. I started with masters swim. We did some 2 minute intervals. I am beginning to feel the difference of adding the strength workouts coach gave me. After an hour in the pool, it was straight to spin class. We had a workout that was almost entirely out of the saddle. I was surprised how good that I felt after the 2 hour workout.

Looking at the calendar- Galena is 10 weeks away.

Waddling while looking for spring..................


Joe said...

Wow, nice brick!! Good for you.

Regarding son is home from Wheaton for spring break and commented that you have no snow there like we have consider that a positive thing. My nephew is in the Ohio mess...that's a tough one.

Hope your week goes well at work.

Joe said...

Cool we might connect at USAFM!! Your review influenced me to pick it.

The Indy Marathon on Oct 18 is a simple, well-run event. It has a half and a full, so presents a fall-back if the training doesn't go well for a full. Beautiful course, with a lot of trees.

Indy has a new marathon on Nov 8...a "big city" style marathon downtown. With big city prices. They tried to do it a year ago but cancelled, as the organization imploded. Don't know what to say about the reattempt. I do know the Oct 18 is a solid event.

Three friends ran Columbus last year and really liked it too. Plus it has family connections for you.

Fun to look ahead...but first, Galnea!!!!

Thanks for your comments!!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You guys are getting pounded with snow. Talked to my sister today and they feel buried under it all.

rocketpants said...

YIKES lots of snow. I hope it becomes spring there for you all soon!

Irene said...

Do you think things will change by the 20th, when Spring is slated to appear on the calender?

You've made such amazing progress with your training!

RunnerGirl said...

Ha! You're so right about Ohio NOT looking like that picture right now. Snow, snow everywhere. Altough its finally starting to melt:)