Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was the Easter Ride sponsored by Folks on Spokes. The weather was phenomenal. The early fog burned off. The sun came out then the clouds disappeared and it warmed up.

I was picked up by my friend Ronda at 630am and we met with other riders there. The route choices were 28,38,50 or 68. Immediately our group split apart as most went for the 50 or 68. Iron Snoopy, Kim, Ronda and I opted for the 38.

I rode Sugar (trek equinox) today. I had just gotten her back from the spring tune-up. I immediately had a problem with the front gear not shifting then my chain came off. We pulled over and got it fixed then we headed out.

After a winter indoors, I was concerned about my biking. To make the time cutoff at Steelhead, I will have to have an excellent bike leg and gain a time cushion for the run. Today alot of my concerns were put to the side. I felt great. Besides the issue at the beginning, Sugar was ready for 2008.

The was one major "DUH" for the ride. My riding partners were suprised that today for the first time I stood up and climbed a hill on my bike. I was so excited. Someone told me to be a powerful climber you should stay in the saddle to climb. Imagine to my surprise how quickly that I could climb standing. Once I did it, I could not find enough hills.

The day was one of the best riding days ever. It was so good to see everyone and to meet Kim.

Waddling while climbing out of the saddle..........


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I love that name "Folks on Spokes" whoever thought of it was very clever.

I was taught that you can climb easier out of the saddle, but for triathlon/duathlon you are better saving your legs for the run.

Not sure if that's true or not, but I believed it when I heard it and stay on the saddle. Of course, that could just be because I'm too lazy to get up out of the saddle and work hard. LOL.

Mommymeepa said...

Hey, thanks for posting that you were doing this ride. I'm so sorry we couldn't meet today. I did the 16 mile route as I haven't been biking for a while. I loved the ride. The rest stop was great. It was just a great ride overall.

I too stand out of the saddle when climbing the hills. I just blogged about the day too at

Thanks again. I think I will do this one again next year.

I will be out at the Women's Subaru Triathlon cheering on some of my friends. I would love to meet you then. I'll make sure to cheer for you too.

Take care.

Kim said...

Thanks for making me feel so welcome, it was a pleasure to meet you today - I look forward to getting to have more time to chat after Galena! I think you'll have no problem on them thar hills!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Oh that you are out of the saddle on climbs, people better watch out!!! Congrats on a great ride today. Isn't it great to finally enjoy a Spring day???

Go Bucks!!

Pokey said...

Congrats on a great ride!!!~!

J~Mom said...

That sounds awesome!! There is nothing like a confidence booster!! WOOHOO!!

IronSnoopy said...

I didn't get the chance yesterday to tell you how strong you look on the bike! Phenomenal!

And regardless of what one bad ass, crazy, spin instructor/superheroess told you...standing when you climb IS much easier IMHO.