Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am totally obsessed with McDonald's Sweet Tea. It's only $1 for a large. It is also 230 calories. Every time I go passed a McDonald's I end up going thru and getting one. Sunday after the bike ride, my reward was a sweet tea. Thanks to Ronda who indulged with a detour into a McDonalds.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is Nancy's Pizza. I think it's the best in Chicagoland. I don't indulge very often but I do love it.

Tonight after riding on my bike trainer, I weighed myself and I had gained back 5 lbs. of the weight that I had lost over the winter. So tomorrow I return to being more food conscious .

As for my dinner tonight, I had Nancy's Pizza and Sweet Tea. One last fling.

Waddling with a full stomach...............


J~Mom said...

We don't have sweet tea here in the West. BUT I love it!! I can even just taste it right now. LOL

Pokey said...

I travel to NC often for business, but still cant quite stomach the sweet tea! And I'm a bit glad, cause I'd rather spend my calories on CHOCOLATE!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That does sound yummy!

I like to get a big diet coke with ice from there or sonic (good ice). Of course, now they're saying the diet drinks only make you hungrier later.

Siren said...

I'm totally obsessed with it too (hazard of growing up in the almost-south).

THANK YOU for saying how many calories it is. I looked on the McD website and couldn't find it, so have been pretending it's ok to drink. Knowing will help keep me from making as many drive-through tea detours!