Thursday, May 01, 2008


The day began with a new lesson at swim. Coach is helping me to get ready for Galena. He gave me alot of great advice. I do promise not to use his name in vain too much the first 200. The discussion covered where to stand , positioning, and how I would forget everything that I know and panic. His goal was to prepare me for not seeing like in the pool. He put tape over my goggles. My left eye was completely covered and my right eye had a small slit to see out of. The swim covered a entire range of motions from claustrophobia to panic. Huge lesson!

My breathing issues were not as bad because my focus was on something else. It was better but not great breathing bilaterally. When the time comes, I will relax and see what happens.

Next was the lessons that I have taught my radiation therapy students over the past 2 years. This afternoon was their graduation and pinning ceremony. As a clinical instructor, I was invited to speak. This is the fourth graduating class for me. They make me so proud how far that they have come and what a difference they can make in the world. I was able to speak with all the families and tell them what great kids that they had. My eyes had a few tears in them as the girls received their pins.

Waddling while learning and teaching.............


Kim said...

Now that's a great idea to get you use to what you'll see, or not, in open water - I've had a coach that had us close our eyes but the tape is an ingenious idea!

First water temps for Galena are to be posted tomorrow

The Young Family said...

Came across your blog, love it!

I have a hard time with the swimming, maybe I should tape my goggles... great idea!

I am in my 2nd oh wait ~ 3rd year of triathlons, first year I am really serious about it! Also training for my first full marathon.


Vickie said...

What a contrast for you, being the student--where you are not practiced--and the instructor where you are the expert. As for the swim lessons, your coach is very wise to instruct you on the worst case scenarios because more likely than not, you will experience all that--not being able to see, panic at not being able to see, panic at not being able to breathe, panic at not being able to finish, etc. Just relax, and you will be fine.

Michelle said...

I just looked up your tri. It's fast approaching! Mine's not until 6/21 so I have time. I just started swimming so the tape over the goggles is a good idea. I'll ask my swim teacher about that. Isn't this fun?!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

That tape over the goggles is and interesting idea.

Joe said...

Wow, I'm behind on your much going on!!!

Congrats on all you've done for these kids...they have a great mentor. Think of all the cancer patients who will be encouraged and cared for well due to your influence at a crucial time in their learning...that's a legacy. Way to go...that will last!!

2 weeks and counting to the first're gonna do fine...all the jitters are about on track. Keep moving! And steer clear of Nancy and her pizza!!!!!!