Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Morning started off heading to swim. As soon as I pulled in, I ran into Iron Snoopy and Moose. I raised my hatch to grab my bags to take in and---NO SWIM BAG. I never take it out of my car. I went into the gym to see if it was there and Lost & Found opened at 7am. It was 615am. Luckily I had my suit on and Iron Snoopy lent me a pair of goggles. I did get a 30 min swim in.

After swim, I showered to go run with Glen Ellyn Runners. I got on my running stuff on only to find that I had misplaced my running shoes. I stopped at lost & found on the way to my car to look for my shoes and found that they did indeed have my swim bag. After arriving at my car, there were no running shoes. I was limited on running time so I just headed for home. I found my shoes sitting in the garage. I took off for my run.

Today was National Cancer Survivors Day. Our hopsital had planned a large picnic to host this celebration for our patients. The weather turned out fantastic. So many of our patients and families came to celebrate life with us. There were over 200 people there for lunch and a speaker.

There are times in my job where you wonder if you do make a difference. When I looked around at all the faces, I realize that in some way I do. This day is also very special to me. Bino went with me to help escort patients with handicaps.

I recapped my training hours for May and feel satisfied. June and beginning of July begins a large increase but I think the groundwork has been laid.
Bike: 15h 00m - 194 Mi
Run: 9h 33m - 45 Mi
Swim: 12h 34m - 17954 M

Waddling into June.............


IronSnoopy said...

You definitely make a difference in people's lives. Not just at work, ya know! :)

I'm glad Bino went with you. Again with the "what a great kid" line!!!

AWESOME numbers there, Waddler! You are going to do very well at Steelhead!!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Your numbers rock!!! I'm with you on the bike mileage, but my run and swim are nowhere close. :(

Tri to Be Funny said...

I would've given up if I couldn't find my stuff! Way to stick with it!!!

Vickie said...

Good job on your monthly totals. You are way ahead of me on the bike. And you need to know you do make a difference in those people's lives. Good job on the swim and run too, even though you could have bagged both.

J~Mom said...

great numbers for the month!!

Joe said...

nice training. nice celebration...very cool all around!

Sunshine said...

How frustrating to lose track of the shoes, etc. Cheers for your determination to not let that stop you.
About cancer... everyone involved makes a difference. Hurrah for you. Don, who has myeloma, always stops at expo booths to thank the team in training people for helping to save his life.

Irene said...

Yes, you DO make a difference!!!