Saturday, June 07, 2008

# 2 Completed

When the alarm went off at 330am, I was all packed and ready to go. Hooch got up and decided to go with me. It was the first time in several years that she had come to cheer me on. She is not a morning person at all. I was pleasantly suprised and excited that she was going.
This race was advertised as a great race for beginners. There were no awards but a great opportunity to gain experience. Just what I needed. I knew from the area there would be some hill but nothing like Galena.
It was a 90 minute drive and no traffic on the roads. The closer we got to Rockford- the foggier it was. I found Rock Cut State Park with no problem but the fog was so thick it was hard to see the parking. I got out and began the walk into the fog to find the start. The closer it came to 8am, it became clearer.
Because there were only 150 signed up, there were 2 waves to the swim. I was in #2. I went into the water early and swam around alittle. I was not nervous at all.

The horn went off for my wave and off we went. At about 100m, the panic hit again. I was breathing hard and felt like I couldn't do it. I rolled onto my back, kicked alittle, then regrouped. I was OK. My sighting was better this time. I actually caught back up with the wave and got bumped around some. I did not start my watch so I had no idea of time.

I felt like I was in slow motion in the transition. I will be interested to see my time.


Sugar waited patiently for her chance to hit the road. She watched as many of the others headed out but she knew that sooner or later I would show up.

The bike rocked. I felt great. Even though there was a crosswind.I think I stayed between 15-20mph. I was able to stay in aero most of the time and pass alot of people. Hooch did not see me come in because she felt that I would be farther back. I went back and forth with a much younger lady and finally passed her for the last time in the final mile.
Again I felt very slow.
The course started off up a hill. It took longer for my legs to lighten up. At the half mile mark, we began a hill that lasted almost to the turn around. I did not walk at all. The best park was heading back and going down that hill. I know that everyone who I passed on the bike were passing me on the run. My pace seemed to stay between 11-12 minutes per mile.

I finished around 1:35 something. I have no idea of any of my split times. Besides that panic in the swim, I reached all my goals and totally enjoyed the experience.

Tomorrow, my offical training for the Chicago Marathon with Glen Ellyn Runners Club begins. I am looking forward to making some new friends and breaking 6 hours.

Waddling with a Tri-smile ..............


IronSnoopy said...

You sound so calm and grounded! How sweet that Hooch got up and got to see you race! :) Yay!

Congratulations on tri #2 under your belt.

You will smash 6 hours at Chicago this year!!!

the juice said...

Way to go! It's totally imprssive that you calmed yourself down in the swim and then rocked the bike course as your recovery! Your total finish time is great! Good luck with the beginning of marathon training season!

Irene said...

You are on fire! WTG on #2 complete!

I think it's safe to say you'll break 6! Good luck with your marathon training!

Michelle said...

Woo-Hoo! Great job.

Fe-lady said... are really on fire this summer! Congratulations!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

YAY!!! Sounds like a great experience. Way to do it!!

Siren said...

That's a great time! I was just hoping to break 2 hours in a sprint this year.

I'm excited to know there's a sprint in Rockford, that's totally doable from where I'm at. I'm thinking I just need to follow your blog to find out where the close races are : )

rocketpants said...

Nice job!! Sounds like you had a great time even after a bit of a panic at the start. Way to recover.

Joe said...

This is just terrific!! I'm so glad how you handled the swim...what a difference!! Glad the vision held up for in the water.

This really reads well. And to do it with Hooch in tow is awesome...hope you two had a great trip up and back to the Rockford area!!!

Tri to Be Funny said...

WOO HOO!!! What a great confidence booster as you enter the season. Sounds like the bike was a breeze for you!

Sunshine said...

You did it!!.. And had a good time.
Good luck with the training for Chicago.. and your goal!

J~Mom said...

Congratulations!! The swim will continue to get easier with each one you do! Those mass starts are hard for me!

Vickie said...

Great job! Those transitions are hard for me too. I just seem to want to sit down and relax! Good practice for your other race/s and a great pace on the bike.