Thursday, June 05, 2008

400M SWIM / 20K BIKE / 5 K RUN

Saturday will be my second triathlon. I am very excited about this one. When I picked Galena as my first, I had done the duathlon for the 2 previous years. The swim was the new part to the race. This race is totally new to me. No one else from my group will be there.
My goals:
  1. Finish and enjoy
  2. Feel in control the entire swim- no panics
  3. Push hard on the bike.
  4. No walking on the run

I am trying hard not to put any time goals on myself although that is hard not to do.

Early weather predictions are for 80's and isolated thunderstorms. Game on.

Waddling to Tri it a second time....................


Irene said...

Looks like a good event. I'm watching how you do with these because it was suggested to me that I do tris. You're doing wonderfully.

Have a wonderful day

J~Mom said...

Now that you have the emotion of the first one behind you I think you will love this one. Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Sounds great! Have a blast, I'm sure you will.

Joe said...

Excellent goals...well conceived. I suspect you'll handle the swim WAAAAY better this time.

Enjoy it...look forward to the report!!

Sunshine said...

Very Best Wishes!!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Have fun. Love the goals. You know what you need to work on to be successful later in the season and are sticking to that. That's the way to make it happen!!